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Philippe Robert

Philippe Robert is a French photographer who graduated from the Institute des Hautes Etudes Cinématographiques in France. Once graduated, he flies to Los Angeles where he studied cinematography at UCLA.Once his studies done, he spends his time working on several popular TV shows in Paris and Los Angeles where ,while working for “les Cahiers du Cinema,” he meets the likes of Tom Waits, Robert Mitchum, Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Nicholson ...



Arthur Elgort

Arthur Elgort was born and raised in New York where he studied painting at the Hunter College.  No one is more easy-going with a camera in his hand than Arthur Elgort. His love for ballet dancing pushed him to photograph the model Carole Trentini at the Professional Performing Art School in New York. The series resulted in a collection of graceful, fairytale images. With a strong sense of humor, an impressive ...



Miles Aldridge

Born in London in 1964, Miles Aldridge has published his photographs in such influential magazines as Vogue Italia, American Vogue, Numéro, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Paradis. His work has been exhibited in numerous group shows, like at Miami Beach Art Photo Expo as a part of Art Basel Miami Beach in 2007. His solo shows "The Cabinet" (2006) and "Acid Candy" (2008) has been presented by ...



Thierry Le Goues

Thierry Le Gouès was born in Brest (France) in 1964. He began his career of photographer of mode in 1986 with Condé Nast Italy: Sail and Uomo Vogue, and continued its collaboration with magazines as prestigious as International Glamour, Vogue Men, Vogue, Condé nast Italy, Lei, Per Him, Arena, I.D, The Face, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Interview, French Revue...


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