WILL B - Vogue Kate Moss


Technique: Mixed Media - Lenticulaire
Size: 108x108x5cm
Unique artwork

When Will B. splashes the stars

A Mona Lisa as Bowie? A King of Pop dressed as the Joker? A Miley Cyrus dressed as Marilyn Monroe? Here is an amusing detour - almost blasphemous. More hypnotic than a Desigual coat, Will B's works seem to be taken from a city wall. From those rainbow characters that crisscross the walls of Paris, New York and so many others. The Pop-Art of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein is dusted off, almost pastiched. Here, a Kendall Jenner runs a hand through her hair. Her silhouette supplants the Superman, Iron Man and other Wolverine drowned in the paint stains: the heroine is her! Here, Brigitte Bardot's face is displayed with Disney's canine heroes, which is not without reminding us of her infatuation for the animal cause.

The artist has a strange profile: who would guess that he was first a fashion designer? However, fashion influences are piled up in a jumble on his canvases: from Mario Testino to Hedi Slimane, via Terry Richardson. Model Kate Moss lounges in a black outfit on one of his "Doll'art", overlooked by a #Fashion Icon in graffiti. Even current events intrude into his work: the three monotheistic religions say Hello, while their symbols drool on a psychedelic background. The iconic Uncle Sam, surrounded by the logos of Apple, McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Disney, almost seems to invite American consumption. What is a work by Myster Will B? A mixture of genres, techniques and faces past and present. A deluge of colors to lose your mind.

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