Biography of Russell Young:

Artist Russell Young's artworks adorn the homes of President Obama, Brad Pitt, and David Bowie, and his popularity continues to rise among British and American collectors.

This contemporary British artist is in the lineage of the artists of the American Pop Art movement of the 1970s and 1980s. His style, his technique and the choice of his subjects are a direct reference to the production of these years. While Warhol focused on the phenomenon of instant fame versus myth, the contemporary artist Russell Young reflects on the meaning and purpose of fame and the Image inscribed in the collective unconscious. To create his works, he uses photographs collected from press clippings or donated by the celebrities themselves, or arrest photos collected from police departments (notably for his series entitled "Pig Portraits"). Some of his work allows him to reinvent known images by giving them a new poetry, a more subjective twist. The colors, the grain and the material of what has been seen and seen again, are transformed. Another aspect of his work demystifies stars by projecting them in their extreme simplicity: crooners (Frank Sinatra), rock stars (Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Sid Vicious), great actors (Steve McQueen)... at the bottom of their glory, in a state of arrest like the common man.

Russell Young transforms sublimates or destroys in order to give a new relief, marked by a great aesthetic elegance, to these icons of glossy paper. He comes out of anonymity thanks to the famous cover photo of the album "Faith" of George Michael and then becomes one of the most fashionable and sought after people photographers. Artists such as Morisset, Bjork, Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan and REM will pass under his lens. Then he turned to audiovisual production and directed and produced many videos for the MTV music channel. In parallel to this promising career as a photographer and videographer, he turned to painting. His work remained secret for a long time, however, in 2003, his first exhibition entitled "Pig Portraits" was a huge success and the public, conquered, bought in large numbers. Among his most prized works, a set of unique silkscreens sprinkled with Swarovski crystal dust stands out. The uniqueness of these pieces lies in the different shades of color used and the way the artist applied the crystals to the canvas. The exact process is still kept secret by his studio. Russell Young is now internationally recognized as a leading Pop artist for his treatment of historical and Pop Culture icons.