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Biography: Charles Trainor 

Charles Trainor (1927-1987) was a photographer in Miami from the 1950s to the 1970s. During the middle years of the last century, Trainor crossed paths with subjects that would become icons in the present day.

The photos of Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Mohammed Ali, not only defined his photography, but also a city that was becoming a player on the worlds stage. Miami was the point in all three of their history where the world took notice, two with concerts and one with a boxing match.

Trainor's dramatic photograph of the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy, caught the attention of the late President who requested a copy of the photograph and returned one to Trainor with his signature.

Over the years, Trainor's work was published in national and international publications such as LIFE and LOOK magazines, PARIS MATCH, GEO, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, ROLLING STONE Magazine and various books and documentaries.

About Ali and the Kids in Miami series: Cassius Clay plays with the kids in the backyard of the house he stayed in as he prepared for Sonny Liston's fight in Miami. In 1964, African Americans were not allowed to stay in Miami Beach hotels where Fifth Street Gym is located. Clay lived in a small house in Downtown Miami.

He obtained the title of champion in 1964, in Miami, against Liston, who was said to be unbeatable. To everyone's surprise, at the age of 22, Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston and became the world heavyweight champion. They did seven rounds. Instead of going to a big party at a luxury downtown hotel, Cassius Clay returned to a motel only for people of color in the Black Quarter of Miami - at the time a segregated city - and passed by a quiet evening with friends, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, the great gospel and R&B singer, and Jim Brown, a famous American football player who later became an actor. Later that night, Clay announced that he had changed his religion to become a Muslim and that he had changed his name to that of Muhammad Ali.

About the series: Ali & the Beatles

The Beatles pose with "The Greatest" Cassius Clay at Fifth Street Gym on Miami Beach. The Beatles were taken to the training camp of boxer Cassius Clay - later known as Muhammad Ali - who was preparing for his February fight against heavyweight champion Sonny Liston, the current heavyweight champion. Liston was the favorite to win the fight, even the Beatles thought Clay was going to lose the fight. Clay and the Beatles joked in the ring and made the members of the press laugh. Clay hugged Ringo and held him under his arm for the media. He also composed a poem. "When Liston reads that the Beatles are visiting me, he'll be so mad I'll knock him out in three rounds." 

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