Biography of the artist :

Self-taught and determined, Arno Bani decides at eighteen to make his first fashion and beauty photos. He attracts the attention of Isabella Blow, talent scout of the Sunday Times. Michael Jackson noticed his work in the Sunday Times and entrusted him with a series of creative portraits for an album cover. Arno collaborates with the world's fashion press and also works for brands such as: Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Samsung... Arno has also directed several advertising films and video clips for fashion houses such as Courrèges or car brands, always with his visual writing and his precise, pure, graphic and minimal style. Arno also concentrates on personal projects such as his latest photographic works around cactus with the make-up artist Topolino and which are published in the English magazine Beauty Papers. Today, at the age of 40, he continues to tell visual stories and claims the title of "image maker and storyteller".