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Michael Dweck

Water, Light and Lens

“Whether diving in the blue refractions of a swimming pool, suspended like a seraph in the pellucid depths of a spring, or emerging tentatively onto a rocky shore, Michael Dweck’s mermaids are lovely and aloof and bare of all raiment but for their beautiful manes and the elemental draperies that surround them. Water, light, and lens converge to capture, in modern guise, the elusive creature of myth.” So writes Christopher Sweet in his introduction to the book, Mermaids celebrating the modern mermaid, as represented by beautiful young women who appear very much at home in water. Michael Dweck burst onto the photography scene in 2004 with his book The End: Montauk, N.Y  in which he documented the surfing subculture of Montauk, Long Island, evoking a real-life paradise lost. Michael Dweck was born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island, and studied fine arts at the Pratt Institute. From there, Dweck began his career in advertising in which he went on to become a highly regarded creative director. Having taken up the camera at an early age and used it throughout his career, he has since left the advertising world to focus on photography full time.

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